Van Damme Projects can provide live tapping services, we live tap water mains for a water connection service such as a water meter or fire service.

We can provide live tapping services to suit your requirements with a range of different types and sizes of live tapping machines.

By using the Live tapping method, we are able to safely tie into a pressurised water main while it is on stream and under pressure, meaning no shut down is required. We work with the relevant Council and Government Authorities to process your live tapping application on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.  

We ensure a fast, compliant and reliable result for all your live tapping services. Contact us on 0417 015 617 to discuss your requirements.

Call us to discuss your live tapping services, phone 0417 015 617 

What our clients have to say:

“South 28 Town Planning has found Ben Van Damme to be courteous, professional and prompt whilst undertaking quality work at very reasonable rates.  Our mutual clients have benefitted greatly from Ben's expertise and skill and we don't hesitate to recommend Van Damme Projects."  -Robert Patrick, Director, South 28 Town Planning

“Ben provides a high quality and efficient service. His expertise and experience shows throughout the job and his honesty when it came to pricing and the options I had was most impressive” -Steve, Tallebudgera