Van Damme Projects connect all sized Sewer Mains and Sewer House Connections for residential and commercial properties.

We process the Council application and all documentation required to meet Council and/or Government Authority requirements. We ensure a fast, compliant and reliable result for any sized sewer main and sewer house connection.

We have worked with both City of Gold Coast Council and QUU connecting from Council infrastructure to your property boundary using both live tap and cut in methods. Our deep understanding of Council processes and SEQ Design and Construction Code requirements ensures high quality service within the most efficient timeframe.  

Van Damme Projects will arrange your sewer main line or sewer house connection CCTV footage and condition report to determine if your sewer property connection is suitably located, meets hydraulic capacity and is in sound condition, material and age as per council requirements.

Our services include:

  • Sewer Main Connections and Diversions

  • Sewer Manholes

  • Sewer Installation and New Sewer House Connections

  • Sewer Line and Sewer Main CCTV Footage

  • Sewer Reline

  • Servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane

  • Deep understanding of Council processes and SEW Water Requirements

We are a licenced plumbing and drainage contractor that do sewer main, sewer manholes and sewer installations on the Gold Coast and Brisbane for all residential and commercial properties. 

Contact us on 0417 015 617 to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote, we look forward to hearing from you.